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Netflix App on AppleTV now allows profiles!

We use the Netflix app on our AppleTV nightly & honestly we have just gotten use to our recommendations looking a bit like this:


With a toddler you just naturally giveaway certain things in your life. Little did I know it was going to be my Netflix profile. So imagine my surprise and delight when I logged in today and saw this!
image_4 copy

Yep the Netflix app on AppleTV (and PS3) now allows you to select a different profile!

I’ve checked the Netflix app on my iPad and this feature isn’t there yet. I will continue test some of the other places I’ve used the Netflix app (my PS3 & Roku box) to see if profiles is an option there as well, but for not it’s just AppleTV. Update: PS3 has been added and now can use profiles!

So we have designated my main account as Mateo’s (my son) and Marc’s account is ours. Once profiles can be access via the iPad app, I will be adding a profile for my son & slowly take back mine (though I don’t know if Netflix will ever believe me when I said I don’t like Super Why :)

image One day my profile will look like this again

If your not sure how to add a new profile, here are the steps (because it’s almost impossible to find!)

You can add up to five profiles at any time on the website by clicking Manage Profiles in the menu in the top right hand corner of your screen or in Your Account.

On the PS3 you can add additional profiles by pressing the triangle button to bring up the profiles screen.

By creating a profile, you are agreeing to Netflix collecting the information you provide in establishing the profile and understand that Netflix will associate ratings provided by the Profile member with the information you provide.